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More About Us...

R&V...the "R" is Rick Balander, the "V" is Vicky Balander--a brother/sister team. Both are natives of Roanoke, Virginia, with extensive experience in antiques and collectibles. Vicky and Rick each have over 40 years to their credit, first assisting their mother, Glorial Balander--a noted appraiser and merchant in the Roanoke area for many years. Their years together have culminated in an impressive range of knowledge in a wide variety of antique and collectible merchandise.


Our Business and Services...

Most of our estate work is done at the request of bank trust departments or estate attorneys, but we work with individuals as well. Typically, we determine the value of household goods and personal property of the estate, providing a detailed report to the client. Our rates vary, depending on the type of estate, location, and the amount of research required to determine value. If desired, we can also facilitate a family division of property, or liquidate in a "tag" sale where, unlike an auction, each item's price is marked. Some clients find us through our sales or simply by word-of-mouth. We email announcements of upcoming sales and post the information on our website, including photos of most items.


Please call Vicky Balander at 540.798.2229 if we can help you!

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